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Drag Me to Hell
Review Written by: Alex Sandell

Horror fans have been waiting for Sam Raimi to make this film as far back as Evil Dead 2. While it isn't quite the return to form many of us hoped for, it gets enough right to be worth the wait. It also reminds us how well Sam Raimi can work this sort of material.

Drag Me to Hell
's PG-13 rating holds the director back from the all-out, blood-spraying gonzo insanity he reached with Evil Dead 2, but he still gets away with a surprising amount of gross-out gags. There's even a reimagining of the classic popping eyeball scene from the second Evil Dead. And this one works almost as well now as that one did then (with a stronger rating, Raimi could have reached Evil Dead level greatness with this gag). It had the entire audience in stitches -- or staples, as the case may be.

Drag Me to Hell refuses to apologize for what it is and never tries to be something it's not: An old-fashioned horror comedy romp. Lots of jumps, lots of laughs, plenty of gushing bodily fluids (at least for a PG-13), and even a few genuine chills. This movie ain't art, and Raimi doesn't forget that for a second.

Is Drag Me to Hell flawless? It's a PG-13 Evil Dead 2 (a movie with so much blood, the MPAA wouldn't grant it an R rating) wanna-be; obviously it isn't perfect. The ending is all too obvious, the rating all too family friendly and the one-liners all too generic (and there's no Bruce Campbell to deliver them). Will it give horror fans their $10 worth at the theater? Definitely. 

Drag Me to Hell is solid enough as a horror flick to show Raimi hasn't lost it. Now, if only he'd get behind the camera for a nice R rated or unrated Evil Dead 4. Why stop at fountains of blood in a film like this, when you can have geysers?

7 Juicy squirts out of a maximum 10 ejaculations

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