If I Ran the World
The Columbine Massacre and Its After-effects
By:  Alex Sandell, in his best "Dr. Seuss" Mode

"The world's not doing well,"
said young Alex Sandell,
"if you look really closely,
I'm sure you can tell."

"But if I ran the world,
I'd make it clear as a bell,
we must make a few changes
before we all go to hell."

The opportunists who use the Columbine shootings as their excuse,
what they are doing is worse than the worst of abuse.
It's censorship, and it's happening fast.
First we lose "Buffy," next it's our ass.

It happened in Germany,
as I'm sure that you know.
Burning books marks its start,
human rights are the next thing to go.

So, if I ran the world I'd stop placing blame,
I wouldn't call innocent bystanders into the game.
I'd leave out the art, and the artists and Hollywood, too.
I'd protect freedom of speech - why, wouldn't you?

This is my policy, and I'm sticking to it,
TV isn't at fault here, not one little bit.
Neither are movies or comics or toys.
Something just wasn't right in the minds of those gun-toting boys.

Opportunism is a dangerous thing,
especially when it comes from both the left and right wing.
When everyone in power seems to agree,
where does that leave people like you and me?

Maybe in cattle cars, maybe in jail.
In tragic moments it is hard for the truth to prevail.
And those who are strong or dare disagree,
in a police state those folks stop being free.

And America loses all that it was,
because of two boys with a couple of guns.
Because "concerned" parents yell out, "I told you so,"
censor your movies, it's the end of the show.

And the media feels forced to bend to their will,
due to mass-hysteria and a Senate bill.
And I don't see any end in sight,
when I keep hearing about another show or movie being yanked every night.

And the clothes people wear now determine what's in their heart.
Maybe I don't see any ending because this is only the start.
If the Catholic League has their way, there will be uniforms in every school.
"No trenchcoats that way," is what they say,
and more people listen with each passing day.

"Wear your 'Goth' outfits," they'll try to dare us,
let's see if you like being viewed as the next Eric Harris.
Ostracized for how you look,
why not try and fit in, dress as we tell you and go burn a book.

"If I ran the world,"
said Alex Sandell,
"we'd stop falling before we realized
how far we fell."

"If I ran the world,
things they would change,
and every problem wouldn't be solved
by deleting a video game."

"If I ran the world,
it would be a world better run,
and not every incident would be resolved
with a fist and a gun."

"If I ran the world, I'd dare look at our problems,
and not censor a movie and say that we've solved them."

Things are seriously getting out of hand with this Government inspired "self-censorship."  Opportunistic bastards are using this time when Americans are particularly vulnerable to push their political agendas.  People need to see this for what it is:  political blackmail.   The senate "wishes" Hollywood studios would talk about getting rid of the violence in movies.  What the hell does that mean?  I translate it as, "if you don't do it, we'll 'wish' you right out of business."  It's totally big brother.  As is the Catholic League recommending school uniforms for all teenagers.   As is the blaming of everyone but one's self.  Have you noticed that?   None of the people pointing fingers points one at themselves.  No one says, "I'm to blame."  I think Christ (even if he did never exist, and is really fat) got it right when he said not to point out the splinter in your brother's eye without noticing the log in your own.  (Yes, you biblical scholars, I was paraphrasing.I hope anyone reading this will defend our First Amendment rights to anyone listening (or even anyone who isn't), and let people know that a lot of us don't believe in this political propaganda which tries to play itself off as a way to prevent another tragedy like the last couple school shootings.  If you don't like something, turn it off.  Don't make everyone else turn it off along with you.
-Alex alex@rea-alp.com

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1999 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].   No, I don't run the world yet, but I can hire a lawyer faster than you can say, "copyright violation."