"I got my shirt today and it's WONDERFUL! You bought good materials and
everything! I ripped the package open the second I got it
and was overjoyed with the quality of all that you sent me! Including the form letter! And the fact there is a funny copyright on the shirt, like on most Juicy Cerebellum updates, makes it all the more incredible! If you haven't sold them all already, put me down for another one!

-Patrick May

Welcome to,
The Totally Juicy T-shirt Hall of Fame!
Intro. by Alex alex@juicycerebellum.com 

It finally happened, I created the T-shirt so many of you have been demanding.  Without anything more than a graphic to show you an example of what it looked like, it didn't exactly sell like "hot cakes".  But, clever as I am when it comes to things that don't take much thought, I sent a letter to the 40 or so people who ordered a shirt, and asked them to send in some pics of themselves showing it off.  Anyway, here's the first five (THE MOST RECENT ONE IS ON THE TOP!).  More should be coming soon.  Now you get to see what some of your fellow Juicy readers look like,  and what it is that they're wearing!  Enjoy . . .

Ruth, Calgary, Canada

"I wasn't surprised over being excited when my shirt finally arrived, it was how excited I got that had me surprised!  I orgasmed three times when I looked at the shirt, three more when I touched the fabric, 5 more when I read your hilarious 'Personalized T-Shirt Form Letter' and 17 more when I put it on.  I'm from Canada and I must say that when I put your shirt on, it felt like the Juicy thing to do to flick off my pathetic country!  You're right, our movies DO suck!  Before putting on the shirt, I loved the boring crap we create, now I just want to strut proudly flicking off my fellow Canadians while drinking an All-American Budweiser and wearing my Juicy shirt.  Fuck Molson!"

shirt01.jpg (63728 bytes)
Steve, Augusta, Maine

"Cool fucking shirt!  Looks a helluva lot better than it did online.  Now my wife fucks me more often!"

shirt02.jpg (60073 bytes)
Mark, Los Angeles, California

"Here's to the shirt!  Wild design!   Kudos for thinking up such a fab design and having the balls to spend the extra money to make a professional T instead of trying to pass off some generic piece of shit that will rip apart three seconds after you put it on!  Tell the artist he did a great job at portraying your insanity for all the world to see!  This shirt really exceeded my expectations.  Now I'm going to finish my beer and wipe off my ass."

shirt03.jpg (49899 bytes)
"L", Leipzig, Germany

"Hey, Al - here's the picture.   Sorry the shirt wasn't wet.  But now that I have it, we can sleep together every night!"

shirt04.jpg (41508 bytes)
Kent, Dallas, Texas

"Love the shirt!  Gonna order another just to tack on my wall!!!  Hilarious copyright notice!  Keep 'em comin'!"

HEY!  If you've got a Juicy shirt, send in a pic. and I'll get you online (who knows, maybe you'll find your true love, or become a model, or something.  Probably not if you're sitting on the toilet, though)!   If you don't have a shirt, what the hell are you waiting for???  Send $12.00 + $4.00 Shipping to:

PO BOX closed down because the Postal Service is a scam!  Email me if you want a shirt!

All shirts are high quality, 100% cotton, and made to last!  Each is sent priority mail.

Remember . . . If you don't have a Juicy shirt, who the hell's gonna believe that you're actually Juicy?

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