Convulser's Log
Suckdate 091697
(Or why Chapter 52 in the ongoing, online, serial-novel, "Dead Dogs Don't Roll Over" is delayed again.)

Exactly a month, to the day, after having my last seizure, my nasty brain decided that it was time to convulse

Only, this time was the most embarrassing

After convulsing,
             I woke up in my typical state of panic.convinced that I was going to die,                      I ran to my (hot, sexy) neighbor's house.

The only problem was, I forgot to put on any pants . . . or
(and my penis was shriveled up to the size of an amoeba.)

"Alex, you're NAKED," she nearly

SCREAMED.   (I'm sure it's kind of disconcerting to have your neighbor come running over without any pants on, and his amoeba-schlong hanging out.) 

"I'm gonna


I screamed, hardly noticing the fact that I did, indeed, forget to put on any pants. 

"You're not gonna die," she said, "I'm an airline stewardess, I should know." 

". . . oh," I returned, "that's reassuring." 

Then I went back into my house, put on my pants, sat down on the couch, and cried.  (Hey, manhood is a myth, anyway - right?)  Now, the strangest thing about this is, it all happened immediately after writing the first paragraph to the LOOOOOOONG overdue chapter 52, in the ongoing, online, serial-novel,

"Dead Dogs Don't Roll Over."
(which has now been uploaded.)

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