Boobmail:  The Juicy Cerebellum goes on strike

Have you noticed the lack of updates on this page in the last week?  There's a reason for this, and it ISN'T laziness (I have a huge update written about the Government's current effort to censor art).  For all intents and purposes The Juicy Cerebellum is over until the material (IE - topless photos - I'll provide the writing) for the next Juicy gets Juicy update arrives.  One would imagine that this shouldn't take long being that five separate readers have all written to ME, without my encouragement, and claimed that they wanted to be a part of the page and would be sending the photos within "the next week" (one even claimed that they were in the mail "as she typed").  Yet, the most recent promise was already two weeks ago; the first . . . two months.  Have I received the pictures from any of these five Juicy readers?  Of course not.  It seems as though a promise to a female is much like a man is to a female:  not worth very much.  While waiting for these "within a week" wonder women to send their pictures, I have asked a few women if they would do the next Juicy gets Juicy update, and they agreed, without any pressure, to do so.  They too have let me down and did not send the picture.  This is a total of 8 women in as many weeks that "guaranteed" their pictures were coming, and never bothered to send them.  I don't want to archive the most current updates on this main-page until I get another Juicy gets Juicy update up, because I want at least one on this page, at all times.  Unfortunately, there hasn't been one since 8/9/00 and the page you're now reading is getting overly-long, and definitely needs to be edited for content so it loads faster for readers.  Maybe you think this whole thing sounds babyish.  I don't even care anymore.  You try running a webpage for four years where your only payment is FALSE promises, and see how happy you'll be 48 months from now.  I've taken down the message board and I am now ceasing to write on this page until a few of these promises from "fans" are KEPT.  In essence, I'm putting my foot down, and sending my readers an important message that they never seem to learn:  a promise is a promise and don't fucking make one if you can't keep it.  So, women, send in your pictures; I don't even show your face in the Juicy gets Juicy updates, and they've never been sexist or degrading, so I don't see what the big deal is, anyway.  And guys, get your woman to send in her pictures.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll be the one to literally save the Cerebellum!

Yours in Bitterness and Hope,

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