Proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that humanity really
Written by: Stupid Alex Sandell

* The KKK
* $5,000 dollar sex dolls
* The 1980s
* Slumber Party Massacre 4
* The United States Medical System
* Caroline in the City
* Beanie Babies
* Cabbage Patch Kids
* Tickle Me Elmo
* Weight Watchers
* The Grateful Dead
* Batman and Robin (1997)
* Cybersex
* Traffic Jams
* The death penalty
* The Psychic Hotline
* The NRA
* Soap Operas
* Overpopulation
* Burning leaves
* Nose rings
* Tanning beds
* Penis enlargers
* Did Somebody Say, McDonald's?

1998 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved]. If you copy this, I will stop evolution, right in its tracks, and throw you in a zoo, where you belong! (I'll still use at least 4 commas in a sentence, though.)

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