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12/25/97 Santa Claus found dead in New York apartment!

12/24/97 The Other 12 Steps.   What recovering alcoholics didn't want you to know!

12/20/97 A brand new award added to the neat-o awards section of The Juicy Cerebellum!

12/12/97 20 Questions From A Girl On A Mission (Or why you should never trust a Marine with an inferiority complex) 

12/5/97 Entertainment Weekly gets Juicy!

12/4/97 Stuff the right wing religious groups missed, in their battle against Disney cartoons.

12/1/97 All the profound thoughts, questions, and wonderments for the mediocre month of November!

11/22/97 The poem I wrote instead of chapter 59, cuz I was in a bad mood.

11/21/97 Conclusive Proof That I Really Am Jesus Christ!

11/15/97 The origin of Super Juicy Topless Girl™!

11/14/97 All the profound thoughts, wonderments and questions for the month of October!!!

UPDATED 11/7/97 If you've EVER been told to "act your age," you're gonna love the newest thought in The Juicy Cerebellum section of THE JUICY CEREBELLUM!

11/6/97 Total losers, and their thoughts

11/5/97 How to become me, in 12 easy steps. 

11/4/97 The WINNER of the "profound thought of the day" contest!    

10/31/97 For billions of years, man has claimed to see ghosts, monsters, aliens (and not just the movie), demons, the Devil, and countless other supernatural phenomena.  Through intense research, and a driving will to find out the truth, The Juicy Cerebellum has discovered what it is that man is really seeing!

10/28/97 It's idiocy Vs. GREED, when Bubba interviews some rich guy from Wal-Mart!

10/21/97 If Microsoft were actually honest.  Press release number one.

10/14/97 A very important message from the new me.

10/4/97 Really Nutty Stuff My Schizophrenic Friend Said, When She Was Drunk!

10/2/97 Illegal (or at least super annoying to the general population of morons) Stuff That You Can Do, When There's Nothing Good On T.V.!

10/1/97 All the profound thoughts, questions, and wonderments, for the wonderful month of September!

9/26/97 The Juicy Cerebellum takes on the season-premiere of Seinfeld!

9/24/97 100% Juicy Links

9/23/97 The NRA and Bubba Dorkweiner, in association with, "Bubba's Fun With Guns," presents:  "how too git wutever wimin yoo want, in won ez step"

9/21/97 The side effect list to my fancy new seizure drug

9/20/97 Remember when Madonna posed nude?   I do.

9/19/97 When HELL freezes over!

9/16/97 Convulser's Log

9/3/97 I'll Take Your Job, Mr. Fame and Fortune! (or why Princess Di was as guilty as the rest of us).

9/1/97 All the profound thoughts, wonderments and questions for the month of August!!!

8/31/97 101 household items you can shove up your rectum!

8/28/97 A Juicy conversation with the Lord!

UPDATED 8/17/97 Feeling down? Suicidal? Overly Medicated? Great! The POETRY TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF WITH section of THE JUICY CEREBELLUM is for you. I just added a brand spankin' new poem that should be depressing enough to keep you feeling hopeless and miserable for a good month or so.

8/14/97 33 things more irritating than world starvation!

UPDATED 8/12/97 Are you feeling unloved? Would you like to give your life purpose? Do you want to be someone important? It sounds like what you need is a religious cult! Why don't you start out with Gilligan's Gate, it may be the only cult you'll ever need!

8/11/97 The top ten funniest things my EX-fiancée did to me.

8/10/97 the letters that brought The Juicy Cerebellum back from the dead!

8/9/97 An interview with me. (Fun, fun!)

8/1/97 All the profound thoughts, questions and wonderments for the month of July!

7/24/97 Juicy Survey # 3!

7/23/97 the final results to Juicy survey number two

7/20/97 All my ex-friends, on a scale of 1-10!

7/18/97 Sick of all the fighting? Still wondering why we can't all "just get along?" You need The Juicy Cerebellum's solution for world peace!

7/14/97 Juicy ratings we'd like to see!

7/11/97 CENSORED BY GEOSHITTIES 7/14/97!  BACK FROM THE DEAD 12/2/97, it's Tidbits of life.

7/10/97 I'm an epileptic, he's an epileptic, she's an epileptic, read the top ten reasons it's cool to be epileptic, and be an epileptic, too!

7/8/97 Ever find yourself wondering what's behind those chipper voices trying to sell you magazine subscriptions, credit card memberships, and whatever else they can think of to market over the phone? Ever wonder what's really going through a person's mind as they cheerily read through their scripts, trying to earn that meager commission? Want the answer? Click now to find out what's really going through a telemarketer's mind.

7/7/97 So, you wanna be a teenage redneck? Click now to learn how!

7/4/97 How to become the next U.S.A. in three easy steps!

7/2/97 Something to make everyone think that I'm super nutty!

7/1/97 All the profound thoughts, questions and wonderments for the wonderful month of June!

6/25/97 Humanity has made great progress throughout the years, nearly defeating racism, sexism, homophobia, environmental pollution, stupid morons in gigantic pickup trucks and tobacco chewing dorks in cowboy hats. Yet, there's one area where humanity has yet to come clear on what is right and wrong. We've been thrown by the size of a woman's breasts, or the length of a man's penis. So, after all these years of progress, we're still dumbfounded over that one pertinent question, a question only The Juicy Cerebellum can answer . . . does size really matter?

6/24/97 Alex Answers 101 Totally Stupid Questions! WARNING: A lot of these questions (and the answers to them) are rather, um . . . "forward," so I suggest that you don't eat for at least 12 hours prior to reading them.

6/19/97 Some people may say The Juicy Cerebellum is too "one-sided," so today we're giving somebody else the chance to speak. Read Charles Lee Conservative's article on why censorship is good for America.

6/13/97 From plotlines to nudity levels, it's all here, in The Juicy Cerebellum's (sort of) Tribute to Friday the 13th