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Last month, in the letters to the webmaster section, I posted an email written to this site from a Stephani Land. It read: "Hi there, I'm a Real Texan. I really love Austin and so do most of the people I know, Texans, or not.  But your website sucks.  I think you are giving Texans and especially Austin a bad name by going public with that crap.... pleas stop..." My response read: "I wonder if the difference between a "Real" Texan and a "fake," is whether or not they carry a brain within their head? Obviously, as a "Real" Texan, you have a few miscalculated impulses, where a thought-process should be. If you're going to tell me to "stop" something, please tell me what it is that you want stopped. I've never badmouthed Austin, in my life. Yet, with your email, I end this update, as it began . . . with an ignorant dork that seems to hate The Juicy Cerebellum, but apparently has no clue as to why."

Miss Land was apparently enraged over my posting her letter on my site, even though she sent it there. She gave out my email address, deliberately deceived me, and had countless numbers of her friends, all from Texas, writing harassing letters, in response to my posting. I finally gave in, and wrote a letter back to Stephani, which read: "Giving my email address to a bunch of other Texans, is unfair.  Ever heard of 'fighting your own battles?' But, since you want to surround yourself with your redneck friends, I was thinking of following your lead, and sharing other people's addresses with all of my friends, too, but I'm not sure if Houston, TX is where you get your mail.  Could you give me that address, again?"

After this, Stephani still didn't give up, but didn't fight her own battles, either. She had a person named "Tex" write me. As stated, I am not one to use others to help me fight my battles, but Tex is threatening me in many various manners, which I feel need to be made public. (Plus, his writing is so damn idiotic, and hilarious, everyone should have a chance to laugh their ass off at him.)

What is below, is my response to the email Tex sent me this morning. This is his third email, to me, and basically covers all the issues from the first two. Feel free to send me your suggestions on how I should handle this self-inflated law student.

Now, onto the letter. Have fun!

This is the last reply I have given to "TEX."
(My writing is in italics. Tex is between the <<<brackets>>> where he belongs.)

I will not respond to this letter as thoroughly as I would, because your childish name-calling (geek boy) is too illiterate to handle.

<<<Oh Goodie Goodie Toto, a letter from our semi-literate friend Alex "I piss against the wind and love the back spray" Panic.>>>

This letter proves that A.) I'm the wind.  B.)  You're the piss.

<<<well..considering his inability to deal with other people, indicates his age being 11. I got it toto...."GEEK-BOY"!>>>

It's been used.  And used.  And used.  And you use it, yet again, in this letter, about 300 times.  First creative thought in a decade or two, there, Tex?

<<<No. Hypocrite is someone who publishes on a web site a private email which was never intended to be published on their web site.>>>

Stephani had NEVER written to me before.  She went to my site, and wrote a comment REGARDING that site.  Being that she does not know ME, and she could see, clearly, there was a letters' section, she meant her email for the SITE.

<<<And, puts a response without giving an opportunity the same opportunity to the write to repond on the web site.>>>

If she wanted to respond, I would have printed it.  I always do.  (See Rose. M Bet's *second* letter on the death penalty, in the political section.)  Your friend, Stephani, chose not to respond.

<<<Oh, what fun is it little boy to play the name calling game.....look in the mirror!>>>

You look in the mirror.  You name call throughout this whole letter. "Geek-Boy" ring a bell?

<<<Oh my little geeky boy, don't you know that I wasn't going to let you play the unfair game of responding on the web site without a fair opportunity for me to respond.>>>

This is your response.  In all fairness, I'll print it, also.

<<<I think the point at which you steped out of bounds was where you published her email with both her first name and last name.>>>

SHE INCLUDED THAT.  And I DIDN'T publish her email address.  If she told you this, you have been lied to.  Go look at the update.

<<<Then you printed your response (which you never actually sent her) without allowing her an opportunity to place it in context.  If you cannot tell that this is an actual person who is different from Stef. (look at the writing style geek-boy!) then you must surely be more of an idiot than I thought (that does seem impossible to be dumber than you appear like a socially inept little geek-boy with hurt feelings...did mommy beat you geek-boy? Or, did you wet your bed geek-boy? Or, Did daddy not love you geek-boy? What is it? Oh, our poor geek-boy is acting out his pain!)>>>

And what are YOU doing?  If you have so much "power" in the real world, why are you even wasting your time trying to find some childhood image that will *gasp* "hurt" me?

<<<No delusions geek-boy. A simple fact. I wouldn't need to say it unless I meant it.>>>

If you meant it, you wouldn't need to say it.

<<<Geek-boy, I wouldn't even need a P.I. to find information on you. It is quite easy. Being someone who can both use the computer and the internet, it is easy enough.

Then why doesn't tattle-tale, cry-baby, attack-people's-sites-for-no-reason, Stephani do it, herself?

<<<However, the P.I.'s would only take 10 minutes and I could get far more information. If you could only know what I do for a living, LOL.>>>

That LOL gave you a real sense of dignity.  I am humbled.

<<<Hey, geek-boy, some of us do hold real power in the real world.>>>

I slam "power-hungry" people on my page, nearly daily.  I am not after power, and people like you, make me sick.  Money and power mean NOTHING.

<<<We don't have to express our little yearnings for power on the computer.>>>

As I said, my page is all about how much "power" sucks.  Because "power," the way you're describing it, makes you a weak egotist, always looking behind your back.

<<<We actually live real life and have power there.>>>

Then get off the 'net, already!  And what are you a hacker for?  If you have this "real life" power?

<<<Point? My point is, don't attempt to intimidate someone when they can do the same (and far worse my little geek-boy).>>>

Oh.  Stephani can do the same?  I didn't intimidate YOU.  I thought you were a different person.  That's what you keep claiming.

<<<My remarks were never intended as an analysis of your web site. That was a personal opinion.>>>

In other words, you were "critiquing" my site.

<<<But, my FOCUS geek-boy was on your intimidation tactics and screaming ramage aimed at a sweet friend of mine.>>>

Take a Valium, buddy.  You've lost it.

<<<So, forget your little "kingdom" (your web site) and focus on your threat geek-boy. I made no threat. FOCUS geek boy...focus...lets stick to your lame attempt to intimidate.

You're using my lines.  And what are the attempts you're making?  Genius?

<<<Actually geek-boy, I'm not dumb. How would you know if I'm "too dumb to get it"?>>>

How would you know any of the millions of things you've judged me with? Claiming I was beat as a child?  Claiming I've never had sex (like sticking your penis in a woman makes you a better man)?  None of your statements are true, yet you state them, nonetheless.

<<<Poor geek-boy, his looks are so ugly that he requests nude photos as source for his only source of sexual release....>>>

Poor Tex, he claims he has so much power, yet doesn't dare reveal his real NAME to me, much less his *real* email address.  Hides behind the safety of "Hotmail." Almost like he's "scared."  Poor Tex plays unfairly.  Poor Tex, actually getting slammed for FACTS, not FICTION.

<<<his masturbatory fantasies.  Now, who is dumb? Someone who can actually live in the real life..and have actual social intercourse. Or, a geek-boy who can't use two hands to type because one is forever locked on his little sexual organ in a prolonged attempt to find satisfaction?>>>

I wouldn't say either is "dumb," actually.  Someone who judges as harshly as you may not have the necessary social IQ to get by in this world, though.

<<<I would proclaim....YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THE DUMB AWARD Geek-Boy.>>>

Thanks.  Make a graphic for me, and I'll put it in my awards section!

<<<My threat was in response to yours. A sort of tit-for-tat (oh no..used a word that might make our little boy all excited...tit! Poor your little blow-up girlfriend low on air? Is that why you are so cranky?).

If you're honestly a lawyer (I'm guessing law student. Or McDonald's employee.), have you EVER won a case?  Your intimidation fails on every level.  Your attempts at annoying me fail on every level. You can't stay on subject, and only turn every discussion into a juvenile putdown.

<<<Oh no. Geek-boy is not using big words this time. He has resorted to simple profanity. He can't say anything else.  Lame geek-boy, I would expect more of you.>>>

Uh.  You called me Geek-boy twice in that sentence, alone.  You know, the one where you say "he can't say anything else."

<<<you should expect some letters. Maybe a letter to your employer/school and other
appropriate persons.>>>

You just wrote something, right there, that you never should have.  That threat is against the law NOW.  VERY illegal to threaten someone's livelihood.  As a lawyer, you should know this.  Bad mistake, space cadet.

<<<Oh no. I don't need to print it to scare you. I am not a little boy screaming "I'm such a bad ass.">>>

No, you're a little boy screaming, "hey GEEK-BOY, I'm even more of a bad ass than you!"

<<<As a friend of Stef.'s...I have every right to say what I have to say.>>>

Not when it's illegal.  And someone that fights blindly for a "friend," without knowing the facts, is a naive, imbecilic creature.  I love my friends, but would never blindly go into a fight, fists flying at random, hoping I hit upon the truth.  I would find out what the truth is. Your macho insecurity appalls me.

<<<Your attempt was very lame.  However, if you do anything in any form to invade her personal space or attempt to scare her....I will quite simply make sure your life is a living nightmare.>>>

As I said above.

<<<Simple. Stupid emails are one thing. Attempting to hurt her...scare her....>>>

WHAT ARE YOU ATTEMPTING TO DO WITH ME?  Even AFTER I told you that I never attempted to hurt, or scare her. I offered to simply end this, but that wasn't good enough. What do you want?

<<<That is beyond the bounds of good heathy discussion. That is when I step in.>>>

Ooh, such a man.  The "strong-arm" must "step in." Poor defenseless woman can't fight out her own battles. Not only are you ignorant; you're sexist, and patronizing, too.

So, there you have it. Our friend "TEX" has threatened to put a "virus" on my computer, too. So I won't be able to make this page, anymore. Yee-ha!


Go get JUICY!