Humanity is . . .

The group of people that just got done watching an R-rated movie, full of vulgarities, and are now "offended" by overhearing my use of the "F" word, on the way out of the theater.

The wife-beater that thinks people should be executed for violent crimes.

The person that won't shut up about how "terrible" drugs are, while sipping their 7th cup of coffee.

The "open-minded" liberal who won't tolerate anyone with a "closed-mind."

The woman who screams "SEXUAL HARASSMENT" whenever a guy even looks her way, and then goes to the bar, and clings, clutches and "reveals" herself to any man within sight, after she's had "a few too many."

People in chatrooms telling others to "get a life."

All the politicians asking for stricter content guidelines, and more ratings on television, while cheating on their wives.

The "lady" who gets done screaming at the manager of a video store, for renting pornography, and then goes home to give her husband a blowjob.

The drunk driver criticizing old people for driving.

The animal rights activist eating a Big Mac.

The conservative who's vehemently against the Government getting in the way of their "right" to bear arms, but wants the schools to be able to check all students' lockers for guns.

The woman who feels it's her "right to choose," in an abortion, and a man has no say, but expects alimony from the man, if she chooses life.

The teenager with a mohawk, black lipstick, and a pierced eyebrow that wonders why no one will take her seriously.

The adult that says he thinks of everyone as equal, but just can't understand that teenager with a mohawk, black lipstick, and a pierced eyebrow.

A right to life advocate killing 7, by blowing up an abortion clinic.

The alcoholic cop arresting a drug user.

The woman with the low-cut shirt, who gets mad at men for "staring."

A Government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," that doesn't have a 1-800 number.

The couple who ended their virginity at the age of 15, and now bitch about "all the" teen pregnancies.

The cop who lies to convict a criminal.

Freedom of speech, unless somebody gets upset.

The multi-billionaire CEO, taking tax cuts left and right, and then bitching about people on welfare.

The homophobic who has anal-sex with his girlfriend.

The guy at the zoo, complaining about how much "animals" stink, while running to use the outhouse.

People who pay money to millionaire rockstars, when buying a CD, and more to millionaire movie stars, when they watch a film, but can't handle sending a few bucks to a poor guy that runs their favorite website.

PC World advertising their gigantic article on how SPAMMING is slowing down the Internet, with a 5 meg, animated banner.

The woman who leaves her armpits hairy, because it's "natural," then has 7 tattoos, and her lip pierced.

Wal-Mart censoring music and movies with "objectionable" material, then selling Stephen King and handguns.

The woman who wants to be ate out, but doesn't like to swallow because, "it tastes bad."

The American who doesn't want to allow immigrants into the country.

The pot calling the kettle black . . .

-Written by: Alex Sandell

1998 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved] Humanity is the person who copies this material without permission, and then says "I didn't know any better," when I sue his ass off.

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