"Down to the polls and on to the millions of voters who have built the
third largest party by far in America -- the Green Party -- to the take
off stage on Wednesday, to an all-scene watchdog role over the two
look-alike, corporate-dominated parties, and ahead to thousands of
local, state, and national Green Party candidacies moving towards
victory in the coming election.  Forward to justice, forward to the
greater country we know we can become.  Giant corporations will no
longer be able to keep America down when democracy rises stronger
and stronger."

Ralph Nader
Election Eve 2000
On the road to New Hampshire

Dear Juicy Cerebellum Readers:

I have stated my position repeatedly on how important I think that a vote for Ralph Nader is in today's election, but I must ask you all, once more, to get out to the polls and vote Nader.  I appeal to each of you reading this, but especially to those of you who are progressives at heart, progressives who have been convinced, through Democratic scare-tactics, that voting for Nader will help Bush get into office.  Claiming that Nader is stealing votes from Gore is nothing more than unsubstantiated political rhetoric, and you would be a fool to believe it.  

Gore's numbers went up in Minnesota yesterday, yet Nader's stayed the same.  Gore's numbers went down nationally, a few days ago -- Nader's didn't change.  In theory, according to the Democrats, who are trying to scare the Nader out of you, Nader's numbers would have lowered in Minnesota yesterday, and would have grown across the country a few days ago.  Neither one happened.  Even if these things would have happened, it would still be irrelevant, because, when you vote, you are voting someone into office, not keeping another person out.  

Progressive voters should not be concerning themselves with Gore and Bush.  They are irrelevant, and regressive.  One of them will get into office and stink up Washington for four years -- there is nothing that we can do to stop that.  What we can do, is get the Green Party Federal Funding, and Ralph Nader into the debates 4 years from now, by voting for him today!  Today, if you cast your vote for Gore or Bush, you are moving the country backward.  Today, if you cast your vote for Ralph Nader, you are moving this country forward, and kick-starting a revolution!

Getting respect for Third Party Candidates is the single most important thing in today's election, and the only way to do that is to insure that Ralph Nader gets at least 5% of the vote. If you care at all about this country, and the Freedoms that you have grown accustomed to as a citizen of it, please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  If you are upset over these unethical, and oftentimes illegal, corporate mergers, please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  If you are tired of lobbyists controlling congress, and writing the laws, please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  If you are sick of the Government doing nothing about the obscene level of pollution factories and cars are giving off, please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  If you want to stop big business from becoming "Big Brother," please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  If you're tired of politicians saying one thing, and doing the other, please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  If you want to see an end put to the real welfare problem in this country - corporate welfare - please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  If you want jobs to stay in America, and want to insure the next toy you get in your Happy Meal wasn't created by a miserable, underpaid sweatshop worker, please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  If you believe that, at some point we need a Third Party to break apart this two party Duopoly the Democrats and Republicans are currently trying to pass off as a "Democracy", please cast your vote for Ralph Nader.  

When it comes to Ralph Nader, your vote really DOES matter!  Consider this:  there are two figureheads running for a Third Party right now; Ralph Nader for the Green Party and Pat Buchanan for the Reform Party.  Time and time again political analysts have said that, if one of these two famous figures cannot manage to muster up just 5% of the vote, the Third Party movement will be ignored by the media to the point of obsolescence, and essentially stopped dead in its tracks.  Ralph Nader is currently sitting at 4%.  Democrats are expected to vote in record numbers tomorrow, hoping to keep Nader down, and Bush out of office.  The 5% mark is within Ralph's reach, if those of you who believe in him, actually say it by voting!

Try something new today!  Walk out of the voting booth feeling HAPPY about the man you've selected to be the next President of the United States.  Trust me, it feels a lot better than hanging your head in shame, because you felt "obligated" to vote for the better of two bads.  

Alex Sandell
"Where EVERYONE loves Nader, because NOBODY votes Gore!"

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A Vote For Nader is a Vote For Nader

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