The Origin of Super Juicy Topless Girl™


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Mild mannered Sidney Kent becomes bored one Saturday afternoon.   "I'm tired of standing around in skimpy t-shirts, with my my underwear hanging out, but there's nothing else to do," she thinks to herself.  "I wish I had chronic diarrhea, like that guy that makes The Juicy Cerebellum, so at least I'd have something to give back to the world," she exclaims, while staring at her depressingly clean toilet.  But wait!  This gives Sidney an idea.   "I could visit The Juicy Cerebellum, there's always something to do there!"  Sidney pulls up her pants, walks into the living room, and cranks up her computer, looking forward to an evening of hot cyber-fun. 

"Now this is my idea of entertainment," Sidney declares, through gulps of hysterical laughter (hey, you gotta stretch here).   Suddenly, she feels strange rays emitting from her monitor, and she hears a voice calling to her.  It's a unique voice that she's never heard before.  Almost nerdy sounding.  It's the voice of Alex, creator of The Juicy Cerebellum!   He seems to be giving her a mission.  Telling her it's time to do something important.  Time to take off her shirt. 

While sitting in her bra, reading away, hours seem to drift by in minutes, and soon Sidney realizes that she's read every word ever added to "The Juicy Cerebellum."  "Damn!" She screams, "now I'm back with nothing to do."  As if answering her complaints, her monitor transforms, turning into Dr. Sizedoesntmatter, the evil cyber-midget sent from McDonald Land!  "What can I do?" Sidney cries.  "Taaaaaake oooooff yooooour braaaaaaaa," a familiar nerdy voice whispers into her ear . . . it's Alex! 

Suddenly, it's perfectly clear to Sidney what she must do.  She rips her (sexy, erotic, yummy) black bra off of her perky breasts, just as Dr. Sizedoesntmatter pulls out his cyber-McPenis.  "I've got you now," he shrieks.  "What do I do?!?" Sidney wonders.  "Taaaaaake ooooooooff yooooour braaaaaaa," answers Alex, the incredible voice-throwing dork.   "I already did!" Sidney telepathically yells.  "Ohhhhhhh," says Alex, feeling slightly retarded. 

Suddenly, Alex comes up with an incredible plan, "wriiiiiiiite a siiiiiiiiign saaaaaaying 'I love The Juicy Cerebellum."  "Shouldn't I put the drawing of a heart, in place of the word 'love,' and cover my breasts with it, so GeoCities won't censor me?" Sidney asks.  "Gooooood poooooooint," Alex returns, just as Dr. Sizedoesntmatter begins shooting McRibs out of his cyber-cock.   "They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack," he whines, in that annoying way cyber-midgets can do. 

"You're too late, Dr. Sizedoesntmatter," Sidney declares, as the McRibs hit the sign covering her breasts, and rebound back to knock Dr. Sizedoesntmatter, and his evil McPecker over.  "Bah!  Foiled again!   But I'll be back, and I'll get your little dog, too!"  At that, the midget disappears, and Sidney pulls down the sign, causing Alex to immediately grow nipple-whipped.  (Note:  the word "grow" can be used two different ways in the previous sentence.)

"You did good today, Sidney," he proclaims, suddenly losing his loooooong, nerdy ghost voice, and just talking really fast, and dorky, instead.   "I hereby crown you as, SUPER JUICY TOPLESS GIRL™, protector of truth, and justice, not to mention, owner of a really nice rack!"  "But Alex," Sidney replies, obviously thrilled with her new position, "will there be more like me?  More girls willing to take off their shirts, to save the world?"   "We'll just have to wait and see, Sidney . . . we'll just have to wait and see."  (That was a hint.)

To be continued?   

All writing on this page 1997 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].   Copy it, and I'll sick Dr. Sizedoesntmatter on you!

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