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Unfit for Command
Review written by: Alex Sandell

UNFIT FOR PUBLICATION: Another Parody Cover by Alex Sandell

In one of the greatest marketing strategies since Open Water claimed to be based on "true events" (ironically, a claim the authors of this book are also making), the Republican talking heads have repeatedly asked that people "read it [Unfit for Command] for themselves" and "then decide."  Although they had no problem criticizing Fahrenheit 9/11 without seeing it, they take hypocritical faux offense over anyone making even the slightest comment regarding this book, if the person commenting hasn't thoroughly studied it.  So I took the bait.  I read the book for myself and I decided.  I decided that it's a piece of political propaganda perpetrated by a group of unethical opportunists. Every day another argument made in this book is proven to be nothing but a fallacy. Some of these flip-floppers previously said that Kerry was an excellent soldier. They never adequately explain their oddly-timed change of mind in this book. The people behind this shameless swift boat smear campaign are the same as those behind the campaign to label John McCain (who thinks Bush should disavow these swiftboat slimeballs) "crazy." This book is going to drive people to vote for Kerry. It's an all too real reminder of the kind of people that will continue running this country from behind the scenes if Bush gets his "four more years." When will people let the Vietnam War come to an end? I'd be more interested in hearing suggestions from Vietnam Veterans on how we can avoid making the same mistakes in Iraq that we did in Vietnam. Without that, this book is merely false memories created for cash.  And asking someone to read something that only offers one viewpoint and then "decide for themselves" makes about as much sense as putting a single object before a person and asking him to "choose one."

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