I Used To
Written by:  Alex Sandell

I used to eat at McDonald's.  I used to turn the channel when a politician was on.  I used to think the most important issue there was was whether or not I got to go to E.T. on opening weekend.  I used to think girls were nothing but less interesting boys.  I used to imagine that one day I'd find a life-long partner.  I used to think about having a family without worrying about overpopulation.  I used to smile without doubt.  I used to sleep 8 hours a night.  I used to take a soda instead of a beer.  I used to watch movies without thinking of their box-office performance.  I used to listen to music without worrying if it was on a major label.  I used to feel I had someone to turn to.  I used to think having a dream meant living it.   I used to draw pictures of people and planets and my smiling family and I used to get happy when my teacher gave me a star.  I used to remember when my family was smiling.  I used to sneak out at night and found freedom was more than a word.   I used to believe that working crap jobs for the money was only temporary.  I used to have conversations that didn't lead into debate.  I used to watch Disney cartoons and take them as scripture.  I used to think I could fly.  I used to be healthy.  I used to think I was normal.  I used to have heroes.  I used to know a world without Internet.  I used to dream of my first kiss.  I used to make jokes without feeling ashamed.  I used to have confidence in what I was.  I used to walk down the beach without a pot-belly.  I used to hold hands and believe in forever.  I used to try hard and was convinced it would pay off.  I used to think nothing was better than a trip to K-Mart and an ICEE machine.  I used to watch every romance and take it as truth.  I used to believe there would be a "someday."  I used to joke around with my parents and make them laugh.   I used to be loved.  I used to stay up all night with my cousin and watch lightning come out of the moon.  I used to find independence on the seat of a bike.   I used to have friends that I didn't type to.  I used to not know what a Republican was.  I used to have grandparents who told me funny stories.  I used to take people's word for it.  I used to think a dollar was the best gift in the world.  I used to trick-or-treat and think that I actually scared the adults with my stupid costumes.  I used to find a new adventure in every day.  I used to think color TV was the most amazing invention.  I used to buy toys and open the boxes.   I used to play Star Wars during recess.  I used to prepare for my future celebrity.  I used to think that the world was good.  I used to feel living life was actually living.  I used to hope without knocking on wood.  I used to feel like I wasn't alone.  I used to hold my head up.  I used to be happy.  I used to have better things to do than write about the things I used to do.

1999 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  I used to not know what a copyright was.   Unfortunately, for your sake; now I do.