Why I Want You Back
Written by:  Alex Sandell

When the sunlight hit your hair just right,
it turned golden, and dazzled me with its beauty.
When you laughed at one of my stupid jokes,
it would make me proud for a week.
When you put my hand on your breast for the first time,
I finally believed in Heaven.

You brought me to a place I have never been before.
You brought me a sense of peace I had never known before.
You brought me a smile I had only faked before.
You brought me all the happy endings from every film and wrapped them all into one.

The stars were brighter when we were under them.
The grass grew greener when we made love on it.
The sun shone brighter when it was reflected in your eyes.
An angel from another world,
a gift sent from the Gods,
I'd trade all the mindless flings I've had for just another hug.

I want you back to do all the things we never did.
To go the places we were going to go.
To see the sights we should not have missed.
To kiss all the kisses we should have kissed.
To have you ask me to hold you,
with tears rippling across your eyes,
on the last night you were with me,
right before the end of paradise.

When you told me "forever" I had found eternity.
Without you, "Spring" is nothing,
the flowers don't grow
and the stars have all turned dim.

I still love you.

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