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Written by: Robert Sandell

Letter # 10

May 23rd, '43

Dear Mother:

Well, here I am back at camp. Got in about 1:00 PM today (Sunday). It felt like I stepped into a furnace when I got off the train. I sure hate the looks of this place. Now all I'm looking forward to is when we pull out of this hole to stay.

Our train wasn't bothered by the flood, although at one point in St. Louis the water was within about a foot of covering the tracks. But I didn't see near as much flooded area as I expected to according to the papers. Was 3 hrs. in Chicago. Looked at the aquarium (fish house) while there.

That's about all there is to say now. Will write more later.

Your son,


Letter # 11

Dear Pa:

Well, here I am back at the camp again. Got here at 1:00 PM yesterday. Left Mpls. at 10:45 Friday night.

I'm sorry now that I didn't stay longer in Superior. But, for one thing, my furlough didn't name Superior & in case they would have called me for some reason or other, I would've gotten into trouble.

It was really hard to come back here after tasting freedom for 2 weeks. Felt like I stepped in an inferno when I got off the train.

We had an 18 mile hike today. It was roasting hot. Then suddenly it started to rain, but it felt good because it cooled us off.

Now, about all I can look forward to is the day when I get out of the army, because I don't know if I'll ever get another furlough.

It's really lonesome now, here. Well pa, say hello to Gordon & Ed & Emil. Maybe I'll feel a little cheerier next time I write.

So long then & write me soon.


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