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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 12

June 22 '43

Dear Mother:

Rec'd your letter the other day. I see you had quite a trip. How was everybody up at Thompson?!?

It's hot here, as usual. Hanging right around 100 degrees. Just about stays that way all the time now.

Got a letter from Anna today. I sure wish we'd soon move somewhere from here. This heat is really getting tiresome. You know how it is there in the hottest & stuffiest part of July? Well, that's the way it is here always!

The people that live around here say that it stays hot until the middle of October. They said the nights stay cool here all summer, but for the last two weeks or so it's been hot all night. I wake up soaked with sweat. And every time we go out in the woods, which is every week, I get another load of chiggers. They're little tiny red bugs that can hardly be seen. They dig in and cause a swelling & itching. Had a touch of poison ivy again. I'm lucky I don't get more of it because we have to walk through a lot of the stuff. I haven't seen a snake for a long time now. Hope I don't see any more at all.

One fellow went home on furlough a week before I did. They just brought him back this morning. He said he just couldn't make himself come back to this hole. They sent two military police from here to get him. I don't know then what they're going to do to him. I feel sorry for the guy. He sure was sad looking. He said he felt like he'd stepped into Hell when he got down here. Even though he said it was fairly warm at his home in Michigan.

I'm writing this at noon hour, which is soon over, so I'd better close.



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