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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 13

"Summertime" Hormones playing tricks on my grandfather's pencil, again.

June 26th '43

Hello Folks

Rec'd your letter yesterday. Just finished Saturday morning inspection. I'm always glad when an inspection is over. It's 11:35 a.m. so I'm waiting for the chow whistle.

Continued & somewhat increased in humid heat. Summertime in the Army. This place is only 200 ft. above sea level. And the continuous presence of water all over in the form of swamp chains is a considerable factor in maintaining this very high relative humidity. I've had clothes hanging for hours in the hot sun but still they'd be wet! Unless I put on clean fatigues (work clothes) every morning, I have to climb into wet clothes. And they stay wet practically all day even if such a miracle would happen that I wouldn't continually sweat them through. But the joker is that I've only got 2 pairs of fatigues. I've tried to buy some in Alexandria, but can't get any that meet the stringent regulations concerning the exact style of clothes required, ie: G.I.. In fact, when I was home in Minneapolis, I combed down-town & 6th Av. in a vain search for regulation-satisfying fatigue garb. Hence, necessary for an even cursory apparel-comfort, is an almost nightly laundering.

Flying thick & fast are endless rumors of impending movement of us from hereabouts to somewhere-else-abouts. Which I hope will soon materialize.

There's only 3 ways of writing a letter from here; beefing types, windy say-nothing types, or extremely brief hello-goodbye types. Been writing a lot of the first type lately, so thought I'd try the second type. Military "secrecy" precludes writing what would possibly be of interest to write about. Hence all that remains is the permissible "to write" residue.

That about winds up this baloney! A word for Bill: Thanx for your letter Bill & for your picture. But Bill, 'taint only the Nazis that get like that! Drop me another line or 500 whenever you get the urge. Best of luck then, and I'll be seein' y'all sometime or other. I thoroughly enjoy all letters received, so pen again and again.

Regards to all.



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