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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 14

June 30th

Dear Folks:

Rec'd your letter a couple of days ago. Thanks a lot.

So Elmer was wondering about joining in the Navy eh? Yes, the Navy'd be a lot better, but he shouldn't enlist any sooner than he has to. The longer he stays out the better. In other words, he should try to find out when it looks like he'll be drafted and then enlist just a little before that.

Just getting ready to go out on another bivouac in the woods.

The weather today isn't quite so hot as it usually is. Hope it stays this way for a while.

S'bout all I have to say now (or at least all that I "can"). Oh yes, about that fellow who stayed away on his furlough too long. Well, he's still waiting for the court-martial trial to come up, so we don't know what'll happen to him.

Guess I close now. Write soon.

Regards to all,


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