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at least my hands weren't blown off
Written by: Robert Sandell

Letter # 15

July 17 '43

Dear Mother -

Rec'd your letter yesterday.

It's hot here today as it usually always is. Am in fairly good health. Got to have my teeth fixed, though, they're getting quite a few cavities in them. But here you can't just go over to the dentist & have them fixed. Have to wait 'til a certain time when they fix all the teeth that need fixing, and fix them all at the same time.

We still have no idea what we'll be doing in the future. Looks right now though like we'll be going on maneuvers pretty soon. Maneuvers means going out in the woods for many weeks straight. The worst part of that is that we don't get a chance to wash ourselves properly due to the small amount of water allowed to each man. Out here a person sweats all the time & so we're almost always wet with sweat. Even just a few hours after we take a shower we begin to smell quite a bit. I hate to think what it'll be like to go without taking a shower for many days in a row!

Very little else to say now so I'll close & regards.


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