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at least my hands weren't blown off
Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 16

Rec'd your letter today so here goes answer. The columns by Ce. Adams you sent me very interesting. Thanx a lot. Fact is, after reading 'em I packed 'em off to Andy in the letter I sent him today. He says it's hot in Mpls.. Let him come down here for a little while!! He'd be glad to stay right smack in the middle of Minnesota's "heat."

This evening when I looked at the company thermometer it was 113 degrees but it had already cooled from the hottest part of the day. And that's in the shade. Some of the fellows passed out even though we weren't marching today. I've taken two showers this evening & I'm going to take another one before I go to "sleep."

Say, I just noticed that Marcella will be on her way to North Dak. so I'd better address this to you Martha. How about Bill? Did he go too?

Marcy asked me if she could use my typewriter? Such a question! Naturally she can take it any time she wants it.

Well, it's getting dark & it's too hot to write inside where I could turn on a light, so I'll close while I can see to address the envelope. The dusks are very short here.

Regards to everyone,


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