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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 20

23 Oct '43

Mist is falling all over & it reminds me of that song about "Once in the dear dead days, beyond recall," etc.. A few of us boys get together now once in a while & "vocalize" on some of the old favorites.

It's in a break period right now. Am sitting & writing this in the station tent fly: Some of the boys are sitting here & playing pinochle. It's quiet around here right now. A while ago all the vehicles left to get washed in a nearby river. We've got about 3 weeks of maneuvers to go yet.

Yesterday I was to Leesville again. I was there a week ago too. Only ten fellows are allowed to go on pass at one time. Leesville is so unpopular that out of some 90 odd men, not even 10 cared to go. So I had a chance to go again for that reason. The town has a normal population of 3,000. The area around Leesville is one of the biggest army maneuver areas in the U.S.. Hence on break periods there floods in thousands of GI's (soldiers) to Leesville. Also a lot of GI's from camp Polk which is nearby. Alexandria had more area to spread the boys out in (pop. 30,000), but Leesville has only one short main drag. Oh well, at least one gets a chance to see stores & houses which in itself is worth the 20 mile rough truckride.

I'm having an awful time to get my clothes dry. The blamed mist just keeps on falling.

Tanks fer da ledder Bill. Zay Butch, waddaya mean by a rough game of "keep away up a dolittles"?? You got a picture of a F. helmet, so it must be football. How did Sunset hill come out in its game wit Dog Town? We're waitin' to hear da Minn.-Mich. game this P.M.. Boy, I sure hope Minnesota wins so I can "thumb my nose" at these goofy Michigan guys we have here. Most of our outfit is from Michigan. There's only 5 of us here from Minnesota: Red Cheyny, Don Munger & me from Mpls.. Shorty Rubinstien from St. Paul and Big Chief Northrup from the Red Lake Reservation. The 5 of us together out-argue the "Michigan Gang". Anudder gang here is the "Texas Muggs". There's about 15 of them.

Well, s'bout all there is to write for now so I'll cut it off here.

Regards to all.


P.S. - Don't know yet about furloughs.

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