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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 23

August 15th 1944

Dear Martha

Rec'd your letter yesterday. Thanx a lot. It's still sizzling hot here. I sure wish the temperature would stay down in the nineties for a while. But we're not that lucky. So help me, if I ever get out of this infernal army I'll never go any further south than the Minneapolis southern city limits! These egotistical Texans haven't got a thing to say when we bring up the subject of summer weather! No Texan will have any use for me after knowing me 5 minutes! I wouldn't even make Adolf Hitler live down here!

I'm also sending some of my belongings home. But I still don't know a thing about what's going on. They won't tell us anything. Oh, there's plenty of rumors, but I've been listening to 20 months of wild rumors already, so they don't mean a thing to me.

The other day we were on another one of those repulsive problems. We had over 100 heat exhaustion cases in our aid station during the afternoon while those poor devils, the doughboys, slogged 14 miles in the sun with the thermometer at 104 degrees in the shade. It's not necessary for me to repeat what I think of it all!

Say Bill, I'm sorry that I can't send a cactus insignia at this time because we don't have any extras & the P.X. is currently out of them. However, I'll send one as soon as I'm able to get ahold of one.

It's 9:25 P.M. & still too hot to be able to write decently. Not much else to say from here for the present, anyway. Same old stuff goes on and on. I'm trying to get enough patience to stay in this army 'til this @**&@ war is over. But until I'm a civilian, I won't feel right. I hate the army as worse as ever!

Regards to everybody,


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