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at least my hands weren't blown off
Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 24

1, Sept. 44

Encl. find $70.00. Use as per need. Wthr clr & snny. Temp in 80's. Rn stopped. Wnd blwing.

That's the way a letter would be written if one were to follow the army rules of message writing. The last letter I sent was "confiscated" because I revealed more than a "civilian" should know. When I asked what else to write, I was told "the weather".

Heard that Elmer gets inducted this month. Oh well, chances are he'll not get such a bad deal. After all, this war is definitely on its way OUT! As for our chances of going overseas. To be perfectly honest about it, I don't know! Plenty of rumors, but I long ago ceased to put any stock into rumors. And even if we did go over, it isn't like it was before overseas. The areas & men involved in the actual shooting war is daily shrinking. It might possibly be that we may have to be an army of occupation, in which case I'd perhaps have to be in a little longer, but for me the main thing is that this shooting insanity gets over.

Are you folks at Ellen & Gordon's or still at 707 Russel? It's queer not knowing where "home" is.

Just heard on the radio that the Americans are on the border of Germany. Looks like this insane war is beginning to come to an end, finally. Now I hope those bastardly Japanese folk see the handwriting on the wall & quit their insane suicide mission.

Had a "big" inspection today. Worked well into the nite last nite to get ready. Brass was due to come & did come, but it so happened that my junk was inspected by a corporal. But the trouble is, we never know who's going to inspect. It's likely as not to be a cranky old colonel. The best ones to have inspect are captains and majors. Lieutenants & colonels are bad. The Looie because he's cocky & the colonel because he's cranky & finicky. Once in a while a "star-boy" comes around (general).

Wow, I think he really means it this time!

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