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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 30

Somewhere in France
Wed. 29th Nov. '44

A few words again at this time to let you know that things here are O.K.

Just finished taking a "sponge bath" and washing my dirty clothes. Feels good to get clean again. Right. We're in a sort of a hotel building in a French town whose name I naturally can't mention. Our boys have been making good progress. The Germans are well on the run. We capture a lot of prisoners. They look very little like "Supermen".

Can now mention that we've come through Dijon, Bruyeres and St Die. St Die is a very historical city. It was there that the name of "America" was bestowed on the lands of the western Hemisphere. It was totally wrecked & burned by the Germans in the last war and was built up again by donations & aid of Americans. Its again burned and sacked by the Germans. It's pitiable to see such a nice modern town again in ruins.

Weather's somewhat warmer again.

The Germans leave behind a lot of propaganda. But it's all very childish in its appeal.

S'bout all there's to say for this time.

Be seeing you all soon.




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