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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 31

Somewhere in France
Sunday Dec 17th, '44

Dear Folks -

Received that letter that was written during Thanksgiving in which each of you enclosed a short note.  That's the latest mail that I've received here so far.  So it appears that there's a 3-week lag.  How old is the letters I send when you get them?

The  weather is sunny and fairly warm this morning.   We went past some of those things the French built, some years back, to stop the Germans.  They didn't work.

We had turkey for Thanksgiving but it was on the following day. 

We continue to move foreword.

Not much anything from here to write about.  Too lazy to find out just what we can & what we can't say, so I'll let it go at that.   Besides, I don't see why any of you there would care to hear anything about this insanity over here.  The less said, the better.

S'bout all for now.

Regards to all.



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