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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 34

Somewhere in Germany
April 5th, '45

Dear Folks

Well, here we are now a fairly good distance into the 3rd Reich.  We're allowed to say now that we're in Germany and we're moving right along.  Seen quite a bit of the Siegfried Line.  We're through it.  Went along some roads where Germans were caught as they tried to get away.  The road-side was strewn with German equipment, horses & dead Germans.  They use a lot of horse-drawn wagons.  You can see a lot of the wagons have been blown to pieces by the bombs. 

Those bombing raids that have been in the papers for so long are not just so much story.  This area that we're in at present has certainly had its share of bombing.  For instance right near here is a large textile factory.  It's totally destroyed.  Just a heap of junk buried in mounds of rubble with an occasional wall making an effort to look unbombed, as if trying to live up to Goebbel's propaganda.  There's a string of cars on a Rail Road near here that are all shot up & bombed.  In one coach is a complete R.R. wheel which sailed into it thru the roof!  Also nearby is a large town.  It's about 90% destroyed.  Block after block of nothing but rubble.  Dotting this area are large bomb centers, some about 20 feet deep.  there's no bombing here now, of course.

Looked over a former prisoner of war stockade the other day.  It certainly was a miserably overcrowded place by the looks of it.  Board shelves piled one on top of the other gave the excuses of being bunks.  Outside the door was a very small yard surrounded by high barbed-wire fences and a (rest of the paragraph impossible to read due to fading and tears in paper.  Maybe it was the barb-wire. - Alex the joke cracking editor).  

Well, s'bout all to say from here for now.  Am in O.K. health, hope everybody there's the same.

Much Regards,


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