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at least my hands weren't blown off
Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 35

Somewhere in Germany
April 19th, '45

Dear Folks

Received your letter of April 11th yesterday, Mother.  That's the first letter I've gotten in almost 2 weeks.  And that letter only took 7 days.  This mail business is very queer.

Weather here is warm during the middle of the day, in fact it gets rather hot.  But during the night it always gets very chilly and raw, like on the west coast there in the states.  I speak of the west coast as "there", because it seems like Minneapolis & Portland, for instance, are next door neighbors when looked at from here.  Thinking back on my journeys thus far, it seems like home is an endless distance away.  I wonder how far away it is in the other direction: that is, in the future.  I would hope not too far because here in the past a man can feel very alone.  Had a chance last night again to listen to "radio Helsinki".  For a while they had a program coming from Oulu.  The static, however, is very noisy on that station and most of the time it drowns out the program completely.  But it helps a lot to hear that program and a single word through the static can get me through a cold night sleeping on the ground.  Don't know how often I can get a chance to hear it.  Didn't know I could get so lonesome for Finnish speaking.  Guess because it's about the only thing that ties in with my pre-army days and, I hope, post-army days!!

I haven't heard from Elmer at all since he got that A.P.O. address.  Haven't heard from Andy for a long time either.  Wrote a letter to Anttila a couple of mo's ago which he hasn't answered, or at least the letter hasn't reached me.  However, will write him another one soon.  Wrote to Gust & Ida a few days ago too.  Hope to hear from some of them soon.  Getting overlooked during mail call can feel like the loneliest thing in this crazy world.  

Well, that's about all there's to say from here for this time.  Am well & O.K.

Write again soon.



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