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Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter # 5

"All Pleasure must end" Hormones getting the best of grandpa. Check out the glasses she's holding. Look familiar?

April 3, '43

Hello Folks -

Thanks a lot for that box of candy you sent me. It was much appreciated.

Tomorrow winds up basic training. Then we get our corps inspections. We've been out in the field quite a bit of the time lately & when we are in camp there's a thousand & one things to do to prepare for the inspections. The d___ inspections are getting mighty tiresome. About 3 times a week we've been getting full field inspections, wherein one has to display all his gov't issue clothes & equipment in a certain exact layout.

More and more accent is being placed on speed. We have to race in putting up our tents & laying out equipment. Then the last 2 guys have to "run the gauntlet." We've also been getting a lot of blackout work.

It's starting to get hot here now. It really gets stuffy. Mosquitoes & flies are also coming out. Seen a couple snakes, too. Yes sir, I can see where I'm going to really enjoy the coming summer in this "grand & glorious south."

Don't know yet when I'll be getting my furlough. They've got a regular system of priority set up for furloughs: first the married, then the singles. All groups drew lots for individual order within the group. 2 men to each number, as 2 men can only leave per day from the company.

Furloughs start on the 11th. I drew number 12 in the pvts & pfc's group. Which means that I'll go along with the other nu. 12 man on the 12th furlough day for the last priority group. And there's always the large possibility of furloughs being cancelled before my turn comes up. No one leaves for furloughs on Fridays & Saturdays.

All that the guys talk about now is furlough. Everybody's mighty anxious to get them: that's all we're living for. There's a disgustingly large number of married men in the company which has us single fellows even more worried.

The captain has been interviewing each man for their furlough. He then gives them a date. I haven't seen him yet.

Well, that's about all I have to say this sultry Sat. afternoon. Chow whistle'll be blowing soon, so I'll now sign off.


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