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at least my hands weren't blown off
Written by: Robert Sandell
Commentary by: Alex Sandell

Letter 6

April 15 '43

Dear Pa -

I'm supposed to leave here May 10th so I'd probably be home about late on the 11th or the morning of May 12th, depending on connections. Of course all this can still be changed or even cancelled before that time comes, but it does look fairly sure.

Nothing much new around here: Everything's going about the same way. One thing though; I seem to get more nervous all the time. I just can't get used to the sergeants hollering every waking moment. They don't give a fellow any peace when he's trying to do something. They're forever hollering and cussing and threatening. I'll sure be glad to get away from this stuff if only for 2 weeks even. I'll never get used to this army and it's crazy ways.


Looking toward home.
(If it was tall, my grandpa climbed it.)

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