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at least my hands weren't blown off
Written by: Robert Sandell

Letter 7

Dear Mother -

The sun is shining strongly this Easter afternoon. It's really started to get warm down here.

Well, I'm still hoping to be home by the evening of May 11th or morning of the 12th.

Not much of news to write about. Still about the same. The first part of the week we go out on bivouac, from Monday morning 'til Wednesday evening. Thursday we have physical all day. Friday we get our weekly 25 mile hike. Saturday is inspection. Sunday we have free . . . so far anyway.

On Bivouac we march into the woods, set up the collecting station tent and equipment, dig trenches, set up our pup tents & then practice evacuation of "causalities." We sometimes move our location 2 or three times a day. There's a lot of work involved in moving.

That's about all there is to say.

Seeing you shortly then:


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