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at least my hands weren't blown off
Written by: Robert Sandell

Letter # 8

30 Apr. '43

Dear Marcella & Bill:

Thanx for your interesting little letters you sent me the other day. Always glad to hear from you two.

Congratulations, Marcella, for your popularity & cheer leader choice.

It's a suffocating 95 above here at present. Feel all tired out. Had an all-nite hike with full pack last nite. Walked about 30 miles. Went under fire last Tuesday. Crawled for 100 yds. with machine guns firing 30 inches above ground. Field had fire dust 3 - 4 inches deep. It made you almost choke. Had dynamite blasting around us. Went thru twice: once with pack & once dragging a "wounded" on litter. Hard work. Much dirt. Yowsah!

Well, hope to be seeing you all week & half from now if nothing unforeseen intervenes. Minnesota'll really feel good!

So you were a bit sick, eh, Bill? And on vacation too, tch tch.

Be seeing you kids then - soon, I hope. Adios.

Your Footsore Uncle,


Here it's Sunday now. I'll mail this today for sure. It's still hot & stuffy. One more week to go now & I can be in real country for 2 weeks. Just 3 more days & 2 nites in the woods & one 25 mile hike, then I catch a train thataway.

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